Scottish Highlands

Sing me a song of the highlands,

Where green mountains and coos roam,

I’m careful where I place my hands,

Where history through stone moans.

Nessie evaded while sun shone through, 

And allowed us to feast eyes on Glencoe.

We ate haggis and drank aplenty with our tour crew,

Oh highlands you rid anyone of their sorrow.


What a massive three days we had venturing across the Scottish Highlands! We chose the 3 day Skye High tour with Haggis Adventures, the sister company to Ireland’s Shamrocker. Our tour guide Yvonne was great and got us to all of the important sites.

We spent a day on Isle of Skye exploring towns, lookouts and all the other great locations Skye has to offer. We travelled through Inverness and spent two nights in a great hostel in Fort Augustus. It was the perfect spot to explore Loch Ness, which we were able to do while it was sunny! Now let’s not kid ourselves. Just because it is sunny in summer, does not mean it is warm, at least by Australian standards.

We were able to meet some highland cows (or hairy coos as they are known in Scotland) and try chicken stuffed with haggis (chaggis). Tomatin distillery treated us to tour and some whisky tasting and had a fab lunch by the water in Portree. We got to visit the absolutely amazing Glencoe (a worthy addition to any bucket list) and learn about the true story of William Wallace before visiting his memorial. Now to the fun stuff, photos!

See you on the flip side!

Next post: Edinburgh

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