I had been told by multiple people who have travelled around Europe say that Prague is their favourite. I can understand why. It is probably what a lot of Aussies picture when you think of what a typical European town would look like.

While our stay was brief, we got to enjoy a large part of the city via a 3 hour walking tour through company Sandemans where our local guide gave us an entertaining account of the history of not only Prague but the Czech Republic in general. I can honestly say that I didn’t know much about the country’s history so it was very informative. I recommend a tour for anyone wanting to know a little more about the country’s past.

We naturally partook in some local cuisine which included beef goulash and pork knee (or knuckle as it is known at home), and we can’t forget the fried cheese experience at a local pub and trdelnik from a food stand in New Town (like a hollowed out, much wider cylindrical churro with ice cream inside – can I get a yum!). 

We trekked up the hill to Prague Castle which afforded us the most beautiful views and took a different path back into the Old Town area which included a makeshift market along Charles Bridge. Trying to grasp another language and another currency had its challenges but added to the mystery of the place.

The city converted us like so many before and would love to go back and explore more of this beautiful country.

Some envy-inducing photos lie ahead.

See you on the flip side!

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