London – Part 2

You ready for Part 2? Of course you are! Who doesn’t love exploring London and all it has to offer! You will see by the images below just how many different vibes you experience while in this city and we had the best weather to help us discover these differences even more. 

Thanks to Cal’s old neighbour Tamara living in London we were able to explore a part of town we would have never thought to visit. Stepping off the Tube at Highbury & Islington, we were welcomed with an onslaught of many pubs and vibrant nightlife (although I think our old married couple-ness is starting to show through when we are out on the town). We still enjoyed ourselves and were so glad that London finally joined the 21st Century with some late night trains (but only Fridays and Saturdays folks).

An old mate from way back in primary school (hi Cass!) who lives outside of London came to town to be tourists with us for the weekend! We went to Abbey Road and watched the hilarity of people getting beeped at for taking too long on the famous crossing (and so we just had to join in) and then found ourselves in Little Venice enjoying some food and drink. We stayed for a short time in Camden Markets (many people, many similar products) before venturing to just as busy Leicester Square to check out M&M World like the big kids we are.

The next day involved checking out St Paul’s Cathedral, Millenium Bridge (you have way too many bridges London) before we cultured ourselves by seeing the replica Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (our high school English teachers would be so proud). We couldn’t forget about visiting the Maltby Street Markets nearby where we stayed for lunch (yes people, you are about to see a photo of my food). These were the same markets where the day previously Cal said, and I quote, consumed “the best coffee I have ever had”. Imagine if he had tried the tea!

I think our adventures outside of inner London can be left for another post so here, have some pretty photos!

See you on the flip side!

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