Oh Paris. Filled with museums, towers, tombs and love birds. We were able to experience it all during the four days we were there. Successfully navigating our way through the Paris train system, we were able to get to multiple notable sites from our base in Montparnasse. 

Once we arrived via the Eurostar, we headed to The Louvre, the biggest museum I have ever seen. Period. After getting lost several times, we were able to see the notable works plus some surprising ones in random parts of the museum. If you are a fan of art, give yourself at least two days to attempt to see all of the art inside. We tried to get to Notre Dame Cathedral before it closed but exhaustion and slow walking meant we arrived just after doors closed. It was still an impressive site even from the outside. We instead decided to go to Montparnasse Tower where you get a beautiful view of the city. Due to an event being on in the outdoors part we got discounted entry and still got to see the city from above and get the Eiffel Tower in your photos!

The next day we made our way to the significant sites like the Eiffel Tower (they now have security checks just to walk underneath the damn thing!), Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees (macaroon purchase from Laduree was compulsory), Place de la Concorde and finished our day making the big trek up some steep stairs to Sacre Coeur in Montmarte.

The big ticket items list is not finished though. The next day we made our way to the Palace of Versailles. To avoid the big lineup, I bought tickets from a machine (no queue) inside the left ‘hall’ before you go in. I went to their info desk and asked about tours in English. The additional 7 euros to reserve a spot on this tour that was leaving in 15 minutes was definitely worth it, especially as it was a pretty hot day. This tour provided us with a lot more info about the significance of the Palace and allowed us to see rooms like the Opera House that other people don’t get access to.

After our tour and eventually getting through the crowds to the Hall of Mirrors, we made our way outside to the huge gardens and spent some time wandering the many paths. It eventually started to look the same so we made our way back to central Paris to see the Catacombs (skip-the-line tickets are advised here – got ours through an app called Headout which meant we could book the night before which wasn’t possible on other sites). We didn’t quite get to the Catacombs before I dislocated my other knee on stairs in the Paris Metro! Lesson here is if you have bad knees don’t take the stairs. Unfortunately they are unavoidable in Paris, especially when you are about to do the Catacombs metres below ground. I trooped on through pain, swelling and stiffness to see the Catacombs as this was a must do on my list. It was much cooler down there and had a very eerie air to it. I took some photos but refused to take any photos of myself down there. It is a burial place after all people so respect the space. I showed my disapproval to a couple down there at the same time smiling and posing next to a skull. Those that know me know I do a good “you are kidding me” face.

You would think we would want to take a break from exploring and rest my knee the following day but we had tickets for Disneyland Paris and my inner child was not sitting this one out. We ventured into Walt Disney Studios Park first, seeing a stunt show, Armageddon special effects ‘ride’ and going on a backlot tram tour (this film buff was in her element). We then made our way next door to Disneyland where all the big rides awaited! Big Thunder Mountain, Temple of Doom, Hyperspace Mountain Star Wars ride (our favourite) and another Staw Wars ride called Star Tours. 

Tip: Go to the popular big thrills rides during the parade. Lines were significantly smaller and we were able to practically walk on the Temple of Doom ride.

We certainly fit a lot in during our four days in Paris. 

Prepare yourself for the onslaught of photos!

See you on the flip side!

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