Wine country. For two people who don’t really drink wine, this stop on our way to San Sebastian was more about convenience and rest time rather than an intense desire to drink some wine (although that was still accomplished). The long train ride was made quicker after chatting to two lovely French women from Paris where we learned more about each others’ culture and customs and gave us the opportunity to again impart some Aussie slang onto unsuspecting people.

Back to Bordeaux. This city did really surprise me though. It was not as touristy as Paris and not as many people can converse in English. It certainly put our language skills to the test but also surprised us with its markets and old quarters. The only thing I knew about Bordeaux was they had a reflecting mirror called Le Miroir d’eau. On a warm summer’s day, being able to take our shoes off and put them in water was very satisfying. As was the nap we had that afternoon. Staying in our first hotel of the trip, we certainly took advantage to recharge the batteries for the one night we were in Bordeaux.

We still were able to enjoy the sun, atmosphere and some old buildings (Basilique Saint Michel one of them) and markets during our time and wouldn’t say no to going back.

Some photos below for your viewing pleasure.

See you on the flip side!

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