San Sebastian

To say we were looking forward to swimming was an understatement. As Aussies in a European summer, we were desperate to soak up some sand and sun and water. The toe-dipping in Bordeaux was not enough so San Sebastian was a compulsory stop on our trip and we were not disappointed. After a long train ride with a very quick changover in Irun, we arrived in the afternoon to an old but vibrant city.

Staying in the heart of Old Town, we were minutes from a heap of pintxos (tapas) bars. We tried pintxos multiple times during our stay in San Sebastian and there are no regrets whatsoever for filling our bellies with deliciousness. The same goes for sangria, where this tiny family-owned bar we visited twice made sangria with a million ingredients. We are certainly going to try and recreate it when we return home.

We explored the marina area of San Sebastian before heading to the beach. While overcrowded, it was a great vibe and we never felt unsafe or afraid that our bags would be taken while we were in the water. However, I can understand why those from Europe who visit Australian beaches often find themselves in trouble in the water. There wasn’t any waves as such at this beach. It was certainly calming and definitely refreshing (read: bloody cold) but worth it.

The rest of our time in San Sebastian was spent exploring, drinking and eating ice cream of course. San Sebastian is definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Photos below.

See you on the flip side!

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