Barcelona has always been on the list of places to go in Europe since we started to plan this trip. While it meant a bit of a detour before heading further north, it was certainly worth it. After a long train trip from San Sebastian, we arrived in Barcelona to find our Airbnb metres from La Rambla, a very popular tourist strip. It was a sign to have dinner here and enjoy our first night in this eclectic city.

The next day we started with visiting La Sagrada Familia. Naturally it was busy and had to buy tickets for later that day, so we walked to Park Guell. If you have ever been to Barcelona you know that is a fair trek. A day over 30 degrees and we walked the whole damn way up that hill. The view of the city made the sweat worth it though. Catching a bus back into town to Placa de Catalunya, we explored the area and shops (where we soon realised the shops were out of our price range) so we did the only sensible thing to do – we went to the beach! 

Again another beach overcrowded but this time with people trying to sell you alcoholic drinks, beach rugs, massages and hair braiding while you sunbaked. At least there was more in the sense of waves here as well as a million shells to walk across to get to the water. No pain, no gain.

After our dip, we returned to La Sagrada Familia which was still incredible even though it will remain unfinished for many more years to come. We again walked but south this time to Barcelona’s Arc de Triomphe (I feel like home needs to get its own as so many cities in Europe have them) and down to the Gothic Quarter for dinner. I know why this day saw us clock the most amount of steps so far on this trip (over 33000 steps). We got to see so many more things than if we got a taxi so always pick walking over car every time!

Check out some photos below.

See you on the flip side!

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