After our great detour through Spain, we hopped on a plane towards Brussels but not before meeting a fellow Aussie working on the counter of the airline we went on. You can find us anywhere I tell you! While there was a military presence at the main train station of Brussels (the failed terror attack occurred the day before), we were not put off by this city at all.

The best way I can describe Brussels is a city trying to find its identity. With so much heritage in the buildings around you juxtaposed with a lot of construction going on, paired with the bilingual nature of French and Dutch speaking citizens, it really has the vibe of a global city and I think that is why we fell in love.

After meeting our French and Dutch Airbnb hosts, we ventured out to try some local cuisine in the form of Stoemp. Choosing a favourite on the menu involving pork sausage (which got the butcher husband tick of approval), carrot and gravy, this dish was added to our “attempt to recreate” list for when we get back home.

With an interest in the random and cheesy, we headed to Mini-Europe which is comprised of scale models of notable buildings from countries which form the European Union. You also get a great view of the Atomium from here which is a building left over from the 1958 World Fair.

We went to Frederic Blondeel for ice cream and chocholate (we are in Belgium after all) and walked to Grand Place and Mannekin Pis who sadly wasn’t dressed up during our visit. We then went to a local bar where we met some fellow travellers from the United States, Romania and Brazil. Brussels certainly attracts a global clientele.

We naturally then filled our bellies with waffles and tried a dutch fries dish with chicken and salad which was beyond delicious. We just had to have it again the next night after a big day in Brugge and Gent but that expedition is for my next post. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from an amateur photographer. 

See you on the flip side!

Next post: Brugge and Gent

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