The hills are alive with the sound of my excitement at how pretty this Austrian town is. Extremely picturesque everywhere you looked, I also got to enjoy this town on my birthday. The extra wrinkles aren’t so bad when you get to enjoy this place (added bonus of 28 degree Celsius weather which never happens on my regular winter birthday at home!).

The big tourist tick is of course the Hohensalzburg  Fortress built in 1077. While it can be accessed on foot, we took the lazy man funicular up to the fortress where you understood the appeal for the Von Trapp family when you laid your eyes upon the sloping hills and high mountains of the Alps. Having lunch up there was magical and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The Dom Cathedral was also impressive, but then again everywhere you looked was. Even our hotel room view of one of the mountains was spectacular. While we had only a day here, we got our important schnapps and shopping fix. While it would be freezing, I would love to return one day in winter to see this place transform into a winter paradise.

Many photos below for your viewing pleasure.

See you on the flip side!

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